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Remote connection to the NRA

Remote connection with Natsionalnata Revenue Agency

Remote connection to the NRA

The amendment to the Law on Value Added Tax (VAT) effective from 1.01.2007 g, promulgated in State Gazette. No.95 / 2009. introduce an obligation to ensure the technical feasibility of establishing a remote connection of fiscal devices (FU) and integrated automated business management (IASUTD) with the National Revenue Agency (NRA).

The requirement to establish a remote connection with the NRA applies to all newly purchased as well as acting FU and IASUTD. Remote connection between FU and NRA she achieved using the transmission network chosen by the person liable mobile operator in built for this purpose served by him FU VPN network. Each mobile operator provides constant connectivity of their VPN network with the NRA through terrestrial fiber optic line. The operator provides backup connectivity alternative that is used in case of technical failure of the link landline.